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ネイティブとの会話をスムーズにする技術と表現 黒川 裕一(ベレ出版)

 I'm impressed!/That was really impressive!
 That was great!/That tastes great!/That sounds great!/That looks great!/That smells great!
How interesting!/How fascinating!/How touching!/How moving!
How sad./How depressing./How heartbreaking./How unfortune.
 You did (even/much) better than last time.
 That makes (good/a lot of) sense.
I see what you mean.
 You should be (just fine/okay/all right).
 You can work it out.
 Is there anything I can do?
 Tell me all about it!
 Will you tell me what you think?
 You've got a headache? You did?
 I appreciate your honest opinion.
Thank you for your advice.
I hope I didn't cause you too much trouble.
I hope I didn't take too long.
I hope I didn't take too much of your time.

・Yesの場合(I think so.ではなく以下の表現とする)
 ①Yes, I do.
 ②I understand.
 ③I follow your logic.
 ④Yes, I got the essence of it.
 ①That's way too complicated for me.
 ②It seems beyond my comprehension.
 ③Will you say it again?
 ④Will you sat it more simply?
 ⑤Is there any other way to say it?
 ①Not really, though I do understand parts of it.
 ②I got most of it.
 ①(I'm afraid) I (just) don't agree with your solution.
 ②I have to disagree.
 ③I totally disagree.
 ①I don't share your view.
 ①I don't think your point is valid.
 ①I don't know about it.
 ②I'm not sure.
 ①You may be right, but I need to know more about this before I make
 ②I know what you mean, but I'm not sure.
 ①I agree, but I still have some reservations.
 ①I see.So you're saying 〜.Am I right(correct)?
 ①To make it short and simple(In short/In brief), are you saying 〜?
 ①Will you summarize what you said?
 ①What's the bottom line of your solution?
 ②Let me get rigit to the point.
 ①Do you mean "〜" by "〜"? I just want to make sure.
 ②Will you tell me what you mean by "〜"?
 ①What is the relationship between 〜 and 〜?
 ②Do 〜 have anything to do with 〜?
 ②So you think 〜 have something to do with 〜?
 ②Do 〜 have nothining to do with 〜?

 ①Your report is still sort of vague.
 ②It seems not very clear.
 ③Will you be a little more specific?
 ①Will you tell more about it?
 ②Will you give me some details?
 ①There's something I've been wanting to ask you.
 ①Do you want to go do something?
 ②Why don't we get some fresh air?
 ③It might be a good idea to take a short break.
 ①Speaking of 〜,
 ①I agree with you. But can't we see it from a different angle?
 ②Isn't there any other way?
 ①What flower do you associate with her?
 ②What animal do you think he looks like?
 ③What color do you think would fit she best?
 ①What would Thomas Edison say about our situation?
 ②Where would Akira Kurosawa shoot this film?

 ①What do you think about 〜?
 ②How do you feel about 〜?
 ①Are you alright?
 ②Is there anything wrong?
 ③Is there anything I can do for you?
 ①May I ask you something?
 ②May I ask you a question?
 ③I have a couple of things to ask you.
 ④There are some things I want to ask you.
 ⑤I want to ask you about three things.
 ①Could we focus on "〜"?
 ②I'm particularly interested in the problem.
 ①We're running out of time.Does anybody have any idea what we should do?
 ②We have only 60 minutes left.
 ③We only have 5 more minutes.
 ④The time is pressing.

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