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頭がいい人、悪い人の英語―ネイティブにマヌケと思われない44の会話術 長尾 和夫(PHP研究所)

1.Maybe、I think so
 Maybe I'll call you.(×)→I'll try to give you a call.(○)
 We'll have to work really hard,I think so.(×)
 I think it's going to rain tonight.(○)
 I don't know ... maybe he was really busy.(○)
 Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on her.
 That isn't such a good idea,I think.

 I'm (almost) sure I'll have to work late tonight.
 I'll probably have to work late tonight.
 I might have to work late tonight.
 I might not have to work late tonight.
 There's a chance I won't have to work late tonight.
 I probably won't have to work late tonight.
 I'm (almost) sure I won't have to work late tonight.

(1)after service(×)→after-sales service(○)
(5)high socks(×)→knee-high socks(○)
(7)back mirror(×)→rear-view mirror(○)
(8)handle(×)→steering wheel(○)

 Could you say that once more?
 Sorry,I didn't catch your meaning.

 Thank you,but we have to go [in another direction].
 I can't accept this [as it is].
 [I'm afraid] you're going to have to redo this.

 I don't think that's what we're looking for.
 That wasn't really what we had in mind.

(1)I'm sorry, you've lost me there(just now).(すみません。それ、わからなかったのですが。)
(2)Sorry, I missed that last part.What did you say just now?(すみません。最後を聞き漏らしました。)
(3)Could you speak a little more slowly(louder)?(もう少しゆっくり(大きく)話してくれますか?)

8.You had better...
 You'd better clean up your room,or else!
(2)I suggest you...も同様のニュアンスであるため注意
 I suggest you spend more time studying!
 I recommend Hakone.

9.You should...
 You should call her! You'd be perfect.
 I'm sure you can get a better deal than that!

10.You have to...
(1)You have to>You should>You had betterの順で命令口調となるため注意
 I need you to put more effort into that project.

11.What does it means?
 What do you mean by that?
What's the meaning of this?
(2)どういう意味ですか?と聴き直す場合、 素直に聞き取れなかった事を伝える事
 You've lost me just now.
I didn't catch the meaning of that.
 What was that about "afford"?

(1)Don't forget to call me when you get there.
 →Remember to call me when you get there.
(2)Don't make so muck noise!
 →Please keep it down!
(3)Don't drink too much!
 →Keep it to one or two beers.
(4)Don't make any mistakes!
 →Be sure to double check everything.

 I get a little nervous when I think about earthquakes.
 I sometimes wonder about living here.
 I don't even think about earthquakes; if they happen,they happen.

 Why don't we try to ...?
 How about ... ?

(1)Sorry, I can't help you with that.
(2)On the other hand, I can take you to 〜.(〜なら連れて行けるよ)